The Childrens’s Summer Camp Charity


You have come to the right place if you are trying to help children get that spark in their lives to dream big. We help children live well with the experience and friendships built in attending summer camp. Giving every child a chance to go is our goal, with your help.



Iron Kids of America Inc was created as a charity fund in 2014 for generous families that want all children to have a chance to go to summer camp.

Our main facility – Iron Horse Country Ranch, The Motorcycle Camp for Kids – is located near Austin Tx.

We have been helping children have fun, grow and experience life at its best since 2006!



The Childrens’ Summer Camp  Donation Charity

Donating to keep the Dream Alive

We have heard many good stories from our parents over the years. It is touching to hear how much camp has meant to our kids and, it’s been such a pleasure to know that Iron Horse Country Ranch has given back to all our families in this way.

We opened our camp in 2006 and quickly realized that it was really creating positive change in the lives of kids who came here. It was a wake-up call to parents that their children really could come alive and show passion in life.  In 2014 we were shown just how much by a family who donated to our camp on behalf of their nephew whose mother had died and left instructions to make sure her son continued to attend Iron Horse Country Ranch.  She had seen how much camp had meant to her son and wanted him to continue coming here.  The aunt traveled from two states away to make sure her nephew was able to come. Thus, in 2014 we were inspired to start our non-profit organization, Iron Kids of America, Inc.

The aim of  donations received is to go to children that cannot afford to come here, so they can get to come too. The experience here opens children’s eyes to what they can do and gets them moving to a better tomorrow for themselves.

Our Motorcycle Summer Camp for Kids exists solely on what we call “it takes a village to make it work.” All kinds of people and businesses help us meet our expenses, even the cows help cover the cost of the ranch!  We could never do it without good moms and dads either . Thank you to Honda and O’neal for helping with what makes riding for children fun and safe.

We believe our camp builds children’s confidence and gives them a reason to live with passion. The reaction of parents to the changing attitudes of their children during a week of camp here is a constant reminder of what the camp gives to kids.  Like,  campers sitting on the curb at 5am in the morning that never would have gotten up otherwise, and children traveling from all parts of the U.S, and the world for that matter, to get a chance to ride.  Over the years we have heard many stories from military families, like the one where both mom and dad were stationed overseas. They were calling us from over there in the middle of their night to make sure their children were enrolled over here and that friends would bring them.  It really hit me and Mrs Turner, – WOW…This is a big deal!   What people will do for their children to come here. This place really means so much to these families!   It’s amazing and humbling.

So, with any donations that you feel you can afford we pledge to make a difference in another child’s life that could not do it otherwise.


Mr & Mrs Turner
Owners -Iron Horse Country Ranch-Summer Camp