How our Charity helps children

WELCOME to our Charity Organization for helping more kids go to Summer Camp.

What we offer children is thrilling and life-changing.  Learning to ride a motorcycle in a beautiful ranch setting with other happy campers leads to  many good things in the life of a child – pure joy, excitement, happiness, friendships, confidence, physical strength and motor skills, and a deep and lasting passion.   Parents and campers alike have shared such moving stories over the years about what Iron Horse Country Ranch has meant to them, that we were inspired to create a way for more children to be able to come.

OUR Vision

We believe that every child deserves to play, learn, make friends, and develop skills in a safe environment and in the process,  grow healthy and strong, in mind and body.  We know first-hand how learning to do something as exciting as riding a motorcycle keeps a child’s attention and opens him or her up to all kinds of life lessons.   We also feel strongly that doing so in the great outdoors, in those “wide-open spaces” that are becoming more and more rare for our kids, adds a psychological and emotional effect that’s grounding and uplifting at the same time.  Something kind of hard to put into exact words, but you know its effect if you remember it as a child yourself. Or, find yourself as an adult on an isolated beach looking out over the ocean or on a mountaintop with panoramic views.  Nature can be awe-inspiring, calming and deeply touching.  Imagine that experience woven into a child’s learning.  Iron Horse Country sets the stage for for all the above.  We want every child to be able to come to summer camp and have these experiences, regardless of financial considerations.  We are committed to helping as many children as possible get to go to camp.